• October 30, 2021

How to install an electric wheelchair in a house

In a house that has been converted into a multi-purpose electric wheelchair facility, the installation of the electric wheelchair is not as simple as simply adding a new seat to a sofa.

In order to safely access the electric chair, the occupant must first secure themselves into a safe position, which is achieved by installing a safety harness and harness attachment, then the chair is securely attached to the wall.

The wheelchair is secured with two screws that are attached to a bolt in the wall, allowing it to slide freely up the wall as well as down.

A small section of the wheelchair has been installed at the rear of the house and this will also be used for the seat attachment.

In this case, the chair has been secured to the front of the chair.

The installation of a safety belt is required when the wheelchair is in use and the chair must be secured to an upright position in order to use the wheelchair.

In other words, it has to be on the seat, otherwise the chair can fall on the occupant.

A safe seat attachment can be achieved by placing a harness and a harness attachment on the floor.

A harness attachment is attached to either the floor or the back of the seat.

The harness attaches to the seat and the seat itself attaches to a metal bolt that is attached through the back to the floor, as shown in the photo below.

As with most electric wheelchair installations, it is not always necessary to secure the wheelchair to the safety belt.

The safety belt can be secured with either a simple piece of duct tape, a pair of rubber gloves or a combination of both.

If the safety harness attachment does not fit, then it is advisable to install the harness attachment at the front, where it will be easy to access during installation.

Once the seat is attached, the seat needs to be secured in the wheelchair by attaching the seat harness to the harness at the back.

A safety belt attachment is secured at the top of the harness.

The seat attachment is installed as shown below.

The wheel chair is attached using a single screw to the back wall.

This screws the seat to the bolt in front of it.

Once attached to this bolt, the bolt is secured by a small piece of tape to the rear wall.

Once secure, the safety bolt is attached with a single lock nut to the top surface of the bolt, as seen below.

To remove the safety nut, the wheel chair can be removed using a pair or two of pliers, as in the next image below.

Once secured, the wheelchair can be put into a suitable position, either by sliding into the seat or by moving the seat back into place.

Once in place, the power cord can be easily removed, as it can be seen in the photos below.

After installation, the safe and secure position can be accessed by sliding the chair into the wheelchair, or by using the safety clamp on the front seat.

To return the wheelchair home, simply unplug the safety wire from the safety loop on the safety tether.

It is also possible to disconnect the safety cord, as is shown in this photo below, and the wheelchair will be returned to its safe and safe home in the living room.