• July 22, 2021

Hyundai’s electric car battery packs are cheaper than comparable vehicles

Hyundai’s plug-in hybrid vehicles, including the new EV3 and the next-generation EV4, are cheaper to build than comparable plug-ins.

Hyundai’s new EV4 will be priced at $28,995, while the next generation EV3 will go for $28 and the current model will go up to $30,000, according to data from IHS Automotive.

The EV3, for example, has a base price of $29,200.

It will be able to get 20 miles per charge in less than an hour, with the new version getting 30.

The EV4’s range is expected to be about 20 miles, but the new model’s battery pack is expected have up to 400 miles of range, according with the company.

The new EV7 will cost $31,100, while it will get up to 85 miles of electric range, which is similar to the EV3’s current range.

The next generation car, the EV8, will go from $35,500 to $42,000.

The price of the new electric car will go down to $36,000 for the new generation model, and will have a range of 100 miles, according IHS.

The cost of the next EV8 is still being determined.

The company did not reveal pricing information for the upcoming model, which will have an electric motor and electric drivetrain.