• October 28, 2021

New York Times calls for ‘complete overhaul’ of electrical appliance regulation

NEW YORK — The New York-based American Electric Power Company is calling on Congress to change a federal law that requires electricity consumers to install devices that can be monitored remotely.

In a letter to the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Thursday, the American Electric Association said it is calling for a comprehensive overhaul of the law.

It said the federal law is not designed to address every problem.

The law requires customers to install and use a variety of devices, such as smart meters, that can measure and record the electrical energy being sent from homes to customers’ electric power plants.

In order to comply with the law, consumers must install and maintain monitoring devices that are easily accessible and can be easily monitored remotely, according to the American Association of Electrical Contractors.

Electrical equipment used to heat water and boil oil can also be monitored by a remote control.

In a statement, the association said the law does not address how much control consumers should have over their equipment.

“The federal government is supposed to protect us from ourselves, but they have been doing nothing of the sort for years,” said Jim Schulz, president of the Electrical Manufacturers Association, a trade group representing manufacturers of electric power and distribution systems.

“The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is supposed, under the Clean Air Act, to regulate electricity.

It has failed to do so for years.”