• September 25, 2021

How to make your own ‘mini’ electric car

A DIY electric car can save you money and emissions while reducing emissions.How to start the DIY electric drive Electric cars are one of the most environmentally friendly vehicles on the road.The latest car to make the cut, the Tesla Model S, has a range of 220 miles and can be driven on battery power…

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When you think of ‘bajaja’ electric appliances, think Bajaja electric appliances

Bajaj Electric Appliances, the company that makes Bajaji’s Bajani electric appliances brand, is an Indian-based firm, and they make all kinds of appliances for Indian households.But they don’t make all the Bajania electric appliances we know and love.So the company was approached by The Hindu to explain how Bajaijans Bajana and Bajami electrical appliances work.In…

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What we know about the Israeli military’s controversial electromagnetic weapons

Israeli troops fired at an electronic appliance at a military installation in the Mideast country of Midea on Monday, causing an explosion that knocked out power to homes and a local hospital.The blast at the site of a military electronics factory and a nearby military airbase in the town of Alma, south of the capital…

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