• October 14, 2021

How to get your electric appliances to live up to their name

It was a typical day at a local store: customers were out shopping, the sun was shining and there were a few little children in the car.The owner of the store was the one to start the day with a routine that was designed to get the electricity in the house running.The owner’s son was…

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When it comes to electric appliances, there’s no such thing as an off switch

The best value electric appliances in Australia are made by Australian companies.But the industry isn’t as robust as it once was.In recent years, as prices have plummeted and the number of home owners opting for energy-efficient appliances has grown, the sector has lost some of its luster.Electrical appliances can run up to 40 hours on…

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New ‘cloud computing’ startup Cloud Foundry aims to help companies build and run cloud-based cloud infrastructure

Foundry’s Cloud Foundries will help companies like Airbnb, Facebook, and Amazon build and manage their own cloud computing services.Foundry founder and CEO Tom Cappuccio said the company’s Cloudfoundries will give enterprises a way to build and scale their own hybrid cloud services, without having to move to the traditional infrastructure.The company will help developers build…

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