• August 10, 2021

How to choose a giant electric appliance warranty in India

A giant electric appliance manufacturer has launched a new product in India, one that can cost as much as Rs.1.25 lakh to purchase.In a statement, Sanyo Electric said that it will offer a product for the sale of giant electric appliances for the first time in India.The company said the products are designed to satisfy…

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What Is the Difference Between an AC Power and an Electric?

The two most commonly used terms are AC power and electric power, but both have been around for a long time.And they are very different.AC power is power from an electric source that comes from an AC source.An AC power source consists of a battery and a generator.The battery is a large battery, the generator…

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Amazon is offering a $7,500 Amazon Energi-powered battery to customers

Amazon is now offering a battery powered by an Amazon Energizer battery to a select group of customers who want to buy a home battery that’s designed to last a lifetime.The deal with the electric appliance manufacturer, which has not disclosed pricing, is aimed at people who have purchased an Energizer-powered home battery for a…

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