• September 16, 2021

How to make an electric bill calculator

Posted February 08, 2018 11:56:07When you want to save money on electricity, you have to think of the pros and cons of different types of electric bills.For example, electric bills have a lot of different fees and charges depending on your service provider.But when it comes to utility bills, the average electric bill ranges from…

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‘I’m still getting used to the smell’: A New Jersey family faces up to $3,000 in medical bills

A man in New Jersey who lost control of his electric appliances after a fire has been charged $3.2 million after he had a heart attack while driving in February 2013, according to a settlement with the city of New Brunswick.Bob Schiller, 71, of Newark, New Jersey, died in the fire.His wife, Joan, died three…

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Electric appliance retailer ‘in shock’ after £30m loss

The company that runs the £30 million refurbishment of a Royal LePage gas boiler is “in shock” after losing $30 million in its first week of operation.Key points:A Royal LePayton spokesman said the boiler was being replaced by a different supplierThe boiler was fitted to a different unit at a gas supplier in 2016 and…

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