• September 9, 2021

Costco electric appliances to become eligible for free new and discounted GE appliances

Consumers who buy an electric appliance through the Costco brand will be able to get an inexpensive, low-cost GE appliance through a new promotion starting this month, according to the company.Costco said the GE Appliances at Home program will give eligible customers the option to purchase up to four GE appliances, and the GE Brand…

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How Tesla can save on electric car prices

Electric cars, especially Tesla’s Model S, are set to be a major factor in the 2016 election.While Tesla is still selling a ton of them, the automaker is likely to start selling a few hundred of the vehicles per month, with the goal of having enough to supply about 80 percent of the nation’s electric…

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Which of the above electric appliances are the best in Australia?

Geelong electricity appliances may not be the most efficient, but that doesn’t stop them from being a great choice for home or business.The Geelong Power Supply Company, one of the biggest power suppliers in Victoria, uses the latest technology to provide the most reliable, reliable and economical power to the country’s electrical needs.Geelong Power supplied…

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