• August 12, 2021

How to keep a family safe from home invasions

The family of a Georgia woman who was killed by a neighbor who tried to break into her home last month says they are still trying to understand why their neighbor, who has a criminal history, was allowed to enter their home.The woman’s husband and children, both 9, live in the home.They are worried about…

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How to save money with your home electricity bill

Business Insider article The biggest part of the energy bill is how much you spend on electricity, so how do you know what your electricity bill will be?Business Insider asked experts from businesses to help us find out.The energy bill for 2018 is $4,869.99, but you don’t have to pay it yet.The average cost of…

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Amazon is offering a $7,500 Amazon Energi-powered battery to customers

Amazon is now offering a battery powered by an Amazon Energizer battery to a select group of customers who want to buy a home battery that’s designed to last a lifetime.The deal with the electric appliance manufacturer, which has not disclosed pricing, is aimed at people who have purchased an Energizer-powered home battery for a…

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