• August 13, 2021

How to protect your home from Westinghouse Electric Appliances

Westinghts electric appliances are coming to Israel and they are not your typical appliances.They are the most powerful in the world.They have been installed in Israel, South Africa and the U.S. These appliances are extremely efficient, but they can cause some serious damage.Here are some things you need to know about them.1.They can be dangerousIf…

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What we know about the Israeli military’s controversial electromagnetic weapons

Israeli troops fired at an electronic appliance at a military installation in the Mideast country of Midea on Monday, causing an explosion that knocked out power to homes and a local hospital.The blast at the site of a military electronics factory and a nearby military airbase in the town of Alma, south of the capital…

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How to use this handy calculator to compare electric appliances

The electric appliance industry is one of the most highly regulated in Canada.According to the National Electricity Market Operator (NEOM), the electric appliance market has more than $4 billion in market cap.The market has become an important component of Canada’s electricity supply, with over 60% of electricity generation coming from electric appliances.For more information, see…

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