• July 10, 2021

Watch ESPN Crikey Live: Watch the new Bears’ bear electric appliances,10

Watch ESPN’s Criker Live to watch the Bears’ electric appliances.

The Bears are set to introduce an electric bear on Sunday at home against the Packers.

The bear is a prototype that the Bears say will be a better, more energy efficient version of the existing bear.

“Bear Electric Appliances, our new electric bear, will have a much lower energy consumption than the current model and it will be more efficient than the existing electric bear,” the Bears said in a press release.

“We are looking forward to introducing the electric bear to the Bears fan base.”

The Bears’ bears are electric because they use an advanced, state-of-the-art battery that uses less energy than conventional batteries.

Bears fans will also be able to buy their own bear electric equipment at the Bears store.

“We have been working hard on the electric product and are excited to bring this product to Bears fans, and to all the Bears fans who are passionate about the Bears,” Bears Vice President of Technology and Sales, Doug DeMars, said in the release.