• July 5, 2021

When it comes to electrical appliances in the UAE, Philips is the only one with a monopoly

A year ago, the UAE was ranked as the fourth most-populous country in the world, with the country having over 1 billion inhabitants.

But things are changing, with a number of new companies entering the market.

These include Philips, who are the world’s largest manufacturer of electrical appliances.

In a bid to boost its market share, Philips are launching a new line of smart appliances.

These will allow users to remotely control all of their household appliances, from lights to thermostats, using a Philips mobile app.

The company will also offer a smart home hub which will allow smart home devices to communicate with each other, allowing for smart control and monitoring of a whole home.

The company will launch a range of smart thermostat products and smart lights with Philips in the coming months, with new products expected to launch in the second half of 2018.

In this interview, we discuss the new Philips Smart Home Hub, the new Smart Home hub, and why you should buy a Philips Smart Appliance.

We also cover the smart thertopat products Philips is launching, why Philips is so keen on making smart thermopatchers, and how Philips can compete with other manufacturers of smart home products.